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A 'What if' Plan helps you respond to events or situations that may happen in the future.

This might include:

  • Planned admission to hospital
  • Planning for a break from caring
  • Planning for a significant life change, e.g. moving house
  • Planning for a life beyond caring
  • Planning to return to paid work
  • Planning for the future when the cared for person is unwilling to accept support from someone other than the carer
  • Planning for a cared for person to go into a care home

Your ‘What if’ Plan belongs to you, the carer, but we can talk it through with you and help you make the plan.

If you would like us to help you put together a ‘What if’ Plan then you must be registered with Carers’ Resource.

You can register here: Register with us

Below are two examples of ‘What if’ Plans that you can download. The first is the My Coronavirus/Covid-19 “Plan B” form. This will help you consider what might happen if you became ill.

The second plan is a generic ‘What if’ Plan which you may find useful to help you get started.