Serving the people of Bradford, Harrogate, Selby and Craven Districts

Looking after someone who needs help at home because of mental or physical illness, disability or old age may be rewarding, but it can also be very demanding.

As a carer you may be able to cope well for most of the time, but sometimes you need some time off to recharge your batteries or to deal with other aspects of your life. Care arranged to enable you to take a break is sometimes referred to as ‘respite care’.

You may need a break from caring:

  • to go out in the evening or at weekends.
  • to have time to yourself… just to have a bath… relax… read a book.
  • when you’re feeling tired or ill.
  • to keep up with your job.
  • when you’d like to see family or friends on your own.
  • in an emergency – unexpected illness or commitments elsewhere.

A break away from the usual routine of caring may be for a few hours or perhaps a few days; it may be needed regularly or just occasionally.

At Carers’ Resource we can offer advice and information on all aspects of taking a break. We organise our own activities, including drop-in sessions, lunches and coffee meet-ups, exercise groups and outings. In addition, we can provide information on a range of local facilities which may help you. Do get in touch.

To enable you to have a break from caring, we have listed some services that could help you and the person you are looking after:

Home based help

  • Carers’ Time Off – a service provided by Carers’ Resource
  • Other sitting services or home relief services.
  • Volunteer visitor schemes.
  • Nursing/personal care services during the day or night.
  • Specialist nursing – Macmillan nurses, Marie Curie nurses, Admiral nurses, community nurses.
  • Domestic help – cleaning, laundry.
  • Meal preparation or delivery.

Day care

  • Day centres – access may be arranged by the local authority, voluntary organisations, care homes, or a hospice – could provide meals, activities, an opportunity to socialise, help with bathing, hairdressing etc.
  • Nurseries/care centres for children – an opportunity to mix with other children and support for their families.
  • Day hospitals for medical and specialist needs.
  • Lunch clubs providing a meal and social activities.
  • Social clubs.
  • Training and work centres for adults with learning difficulties.

Care away from home

  • Respite/short stay – when the person you care for goes into a residential or care home whilst you take a holiday or have time on your own.
  • Hospital care for people needing a high level of health care.
  • Hospice care for people with cancer or other serious, possibly terminal, illness.

A Bit of a Break

A Bit of a Break is a charity that was initially set up five years ago under the umbrella of Carers’ Resource, and became a registered charity in November 2019.

The charity provides holiday cottages and apartments in beautiful areas of the country, allowing people in the last stages of their life to spend time away with their loved ones.

People can be be referred to A Bit of a Break by Carers’ Resource, as well as by Bingley Medical Practice, Manorlands Hospice, and Macmillan Community Support (North Mersey).

For more information please visit the website: A Bit of a Break.


You may wish to take a holiday with the person you care for, have a holiday on your own, or have time to yourself when the person you care for goes away. There are many specialist firms and organisations that can give advice on, or provide holidays for, people with special needs.

How can I arrange respite services?

As a carer, you are entitled to an assessment of your own needs from your local social care services – even if the person you care for does not have a needs assessment. This will provide an opportunity to discuss the type of help you need to be able to continue caring and to maintain your own health and lifestyle. When you need a break from caring, you should be given information and help to arrange appropriate services.

Carers’ Resource can provide information on respite services in your area and on taking a break away from home.

What about charges?

Most breaks do involve a charge. If you or the person you are caring for have been assessed as eligible for respite services, a financial assessment will then determine whether you are entitled to help with costs.

You may, of course, wish to arrange and pay for respite services independently – to be ‘self-funding’.

Local charities or benevolent funds may be able to help – Carers’ Resource can provide details of local and national organisations.

Below are some useful contacts (please note: inclusion on our list does not imply recommendation or endorsement by Carers’ Resource):

Bradford Adult Services Access Point - 01274 435400

First contact point for adult social care in the Bradford district.

Care@ Carers' Resource - 01274 588990

Home based care provider service, part of Carers’ Resource. Click here for more details on Care @ Carers’ Resource.

Carers’ Time Off - 01423 500555

A volunteer sitting service to carers in North Yorkshire, covering the Harrogate, Craven and Selby Districts. Part of Carers’ Resource. Click here to find out more.

Cliff House Community Support Services - 01423 864956

Carer respite offered as part of the Support at Home service to carers living in the Harrogate, Ripon and Nidderdale area.

North Yorkshire County Council Health and Social Care - 01609 780780

First contact point for adult social care in North Yorkshire. In an emergency the emergency duty team can be contacted on the same number.

Time Out - 01274 435400

Part of Bradford Adult & Community Services providing support for carers in the Bradford district who need a break from caring.

Holibreak Plus - 01274 594173

Holibreak Plus is a specialist service offered by Equality Together that advises people on holidays/breaks as an alternative to respite for people in receipt of a personal budget or NHS Continuing Care budget with an amount built-in for respite care.

For people who do not receive either of these budgets, but who can self-fund, they can offer a bespoke service to find the ideal holiday for your needs. Call the number above or find out more here: Equality Together