Serving the people of Bradford, Harrogate, Selby and Craven Districts

Carer’s Wellbeing Grants may be available for some carers who live in the Bradford district, or within the Bradford and Craven ICB (Integrated Care Board) area.

How do I get a Carer’s Wellbeing Grant?

Carers cannot apply for a grant directly. Carers’ Resource is not a grant-giving organisation.

Carers can have an informal review about their health and wellbeing with a Carers’ Resource member of staff. Some carers may then be eligible for a grant, but we cannot guarantee this. Anyone who has had a grant in the last three years is unlikely to be considered.

Contact us to arrange your wellbeing review.

A Carer’s Wellbeing Grant is a one-off payment of up to £150. It is intended to enable carers to promote their own health and wellbeing and to help carers continue caring.

“Thank you for the grant.  I spent it on paying for a course of yoga sessions … I am able to leave my husband for an hour, so it gives me a bit of time out and enables me to do something I enjoy doing.”