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Young Adult Carers (age 16-25)

Young Adult Carers (sometimes called YACs) often face specific challenges as they try to balance their lives with their caring role, especially when considering moving on into further education or employment.

YACs from our service have made a series of one minute videos on issues they felt were important:

They also produced two written guides which you can download here:

Young Adult Carer University Advice

Young Adult Carer Employment Advice

If you are a Young Adult Carer we can support you by:

arranging meet-ups and trips

Get to know other Young Adult Carers in informal, social settings. If you would be interested in attending one of our events please click here to contact the young carer team

making sure you know what your rights are

talking to your school or college

It can be very helpful for a school or college to understand what responsibilities you have at home and how they can impact your work. If you find it difficult to have those conversations we can help you explain.

helping you balance caring and employment

As a carer, you do have rights in the workplace, and you may also be able to negotiate arrangements with your employer. Click here to find out some of the ways you could achieve a better balance between your job and your caring role.