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At times young carers can feel overwhelmed trying to cope with their caring responsibilities along with all the other stresses of school and family life. Our mentors support young carers through these difficult times, to help them move on emotionally, socially and educationally

Mentoring takes place in the young carer’s school, usually once a fortnight

The mentor will:

  • Build up a relationship with the young carer.
  • Listen and discuss anything that is worrying them.
  • Value the young carer’s opinions and beliefs.
  • Help build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Encourage the young carer to talk and think about their ambitions and hopes for the future.
  • Encourage the young carer to improve school attendance and punctuality, if appropriate.

Develop an action plan with the young carer to work together to help them become happier and be more resilient.