What we do

Last changed: Thursday 23 September, 2021

Carers’ Resource offers a range of services across all its localities. We can provide individually tailored information to carers, professionals and vulnerable adults, on subjects including:

  • available support – whether financial, practical or emotional – and how to access it
  • hospital admission and discharge processes
  • advice on benefits entitlement (where we are able to do so)
  • how to plan for the future, using our experience
  • how to develop new hobbies and interests
  • how to find leisure, learning and employment opportunities
  • where you can go to form links with other carers through groups and activities

To find out more about the services we offer follow the menu links on this website or download our leaflet: 

Carers’ Resource Welcome Leaflet

To download our Care@ Carers’ Resource leaflet click here: Care@ Carers’ Resource Leaflet

To download our Young Carers leaflet click here: Young Carers Leaflet