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"I've cared for my mum since I was 11"

Sarah, from West Yorkshire, has been caring for her mum for over 15 years, since she was 11 years old.

Sarah says: “I’ve had little to no support from anyone, but Carers’ Resource was there for me and my mum when times were tough to help us with finding food banks and getting financial support and where to go.

“The care I provide for my mum means I hardly get any time for myself on her bad days which are whenever without warning. I have to do mainly all house chores from laundry to medication to washing dishes to cleaning, feeding myself and if mum wants food something to drink or assistance with health needs.

“When I was younger this was much harder as I had to learn most things quickly and having mental and physical health problems myself made everything ten times harder. I’ve had no help and support benefit wise from anyone really and had to manage myself other ways.

“I would say there should be some more online groups for people like me who can’t get out as much as others can. I’d like a drawing group online or something talking about wildlife as I don’t want to think about the roles I play in the home all the time. As I’ve got older things have improved and I’ve had support from different places but none of this has gone on long term.”