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"I care for my cousin"

Philip, 58, cares for his cousin who has a mental health condition.

Philip says: “I’m his only remaining relative since his mum passed away from cancer. He used to have a care coordinator who used to take him out and get him into a routine, but because of cutbacks he doesn’t get that any more.

“I take him shopping, take him out at weekends, I help him clean his house and help him to work out his financial situation. It is tough because I’m having to deal with everything. I haven’t had a holiday for goodness knows how many years.

“I had to go and speak to my company, British Hardwoods, because it was getting too much for me to cope with. They’ve been fantastic and they now allow me to take Fridays off to help me deal with the situation.

“It’s damned hard work being a carer. It’s a nightmare, but I love him to bits. Some people have said, you’d be better off walking away, but how can you when you love someone? My life has been taken over.”