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Speaking up for carers

Originally from Canada, I emigrated here with my husband and our son to my husband's home in Bingley in 1987. He was quite unwell and wanted to be near family.

New adventure

I left my nursing career and started out on our new adventure: In 1989 I started the first Carers Support Group in Bingley and got involved in the Carers National Association. This led to my being asked to join the National Users and Carers Group set up by the Dept of Health, looking at Community Care provision, or the lack of it, in our area.

I was also invited to join the Sounding Board and Committee that drew up the very first Carers Act and we have come such a long way since then.

A place for carers

Within my work was our lobbying Parliament for a place for Carers to ring, get information and advice from, and support one another. I’m proud to say that Carers’ Resource Centres fulfil that role amazingly well. My role led to us as a family being interviewed in the media and my being invited to speak at various groups including Social Services, Care Providers and Carers Groups.

Hope you like looking through this bit of my carers’ story – I’m very proud to be able to share the small role I had to play in the provision we now have for carers in our District. I still care for my son, who is now 46, and Carers’ Resource has been a big part of my caring life.

Judy Steel