Emergency Plans

Last changed: Thursday 3 February, 2022

One of the stresses that carers can face is the worry of what would happen to the person they care for if they themselves became suddenly ill or had an accident. Carers’ Resource can help you to plan for these unforeseen circumstances.

If the person you care for pays council tax to Bradford Council we can help you set up an Emergency Plan (see below for full details).

In North Yorkshire you can get an Emergency Card as detailed in our factsheet Coping With Emergencies in Harrogate and Craven or on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

You can also get in touch with us if you need other support with emergency planning or any other caring issue.

Carers’ Resource Emergency Planning scheme for Bradford council tax payers.

What is it?

The Emergency Planning scheme is run by Carers’ Resource in partnership with Safe and Sound, Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s (BMDC) Community Alarm System. It offers carers peace of mind should they be involved in an emergency situation which takes them away from their caring role, by creating an Emergency Plan.

Along with the plan, carers also receive a wallet-sized plastic card and a keyring to ensure they are identified as a carer if they have an accident or are unable to identify themselves in an emergency. The carer’s card contains no personal details other than a unique ID number and a 24-hour contact phone number, which is phoned in order to activate the Emergency Plan.

Who is it for?

This is a free service to all carers as long as the person they care for lives within the BMDC area.

How to register

To use the Emergency Plan service you need to be registered as a carer with Carers’ Resource. This will happen as part of the process of registering your Emergency Plan.

  1. Download and complete the emergency plan form and return it by email to emergencyplanning@carersresource.org. If you need help with the form please contact our Shipley or Skipton offices on 01274 449660 for Shipley or 01756 700888 for Skipton.
  2. Our Contact Team will contact you for the necessary information to register you as a carer. Once you are registered with us we will then process your Emergency Plan.

The Emergency Plan contains important details about the cared-for person and provides valuable information about their circumstances. There is also the opportunity to register names of up to two people who can be contacted in an emergency, these are called ‘responders’.

How does it work?

If a carer has an emergency they, or another person, can call the telephone number on the card and quote the unique number. Safe and Sound will then attempt to contact the named responder.  If they are unable to contact any named responders, or there are no named responders, then Safe and Sound will pass the necessary details to BMDC Adult and Community Services Access Point, who will assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Carer responsibilities

  • to discuss the Emergency Plan with the cared-for person and ensure that they are happy with it
  • to inform Carers’ Resource of any changes to their details
  • to inform Carers’ Resource of any changes to responders’ details, such as changes to telephone numbers
  • to keep responders up to date regarding any changes
  • to ensure that their responders understand their responsibilities and agree to be named

Responder responsibilities

  • to agree to be contacted and offer support to the cared-for person in case of an emergency
  • to be aware that Safe and Sound may call them in an emergency situation to support the cared-for person
  • to inform the carer of any changes to their circumstances so that the carer can update Carers’ Resource

By agreeing to act as a responder they give permission for their details to be stored electronically by Bradford Metropolitan District Council for the purpose of this scheme.


Bradford Metropolitan District Council emergency plan form 

About the Bradford Emergency Plan scheme leaflet