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CReate: being a carer friendly employer

Last changed: Thursday 23 January, 2020

How does caring affect your business?

  • 1 in 9 of your employees are likely to be carers
  • Caring responsibilities are top reason for employee absence
  • 1 in 5 carers find they need to give up work or reduce their hours to care
  • 70% of working carers say that their health is negatively affected
  • Your skilled employees at the peak of their careers (45–64 year-olds) are those most likely to be carers

By supporting carers you are supporting your business.

CReate worked with Skipton Building Society to support carers in their workforce. The Society introduced a new policy which offers time, support and assistance to colleagues who have to balance care and work.

How CReate can help your business

CReate can support you as an employer to become more carer-friendly. For example we can:

  • Deliver carer awareness workshops – many people do not even know that they are carers or that there is support out there for them
  • Advise you on developing a carer support strategy
  • Support you to implement and review effective carer policies
  • Deliver training to staff on carer issues

Carers you employ can access the support that Carers’ Resource offers and we can direct them to other sources of advice and support tailored to their needs. The CReate team can also deleiver wellbeing workshops for the carers you employ.

CReate carried out policy reviews and staff training at Sedbergh Community Centre to strengthen compliance with current legislation.

Get in touch

Contact your local Carers’ resource office and ask to speak to the CReate team or email us directly:

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