Support for carers is a global concern

Last changed: Saturday 5 September, 2015
Goodness, it’s been a busy couple of days! I haven’t had much time to scribble down any thoughts as every minute has been full of listening to great seminars and meeting fascinating colleagues from around the world. Yesterday afternoon I listened to a technology-focused session and heard lots of findings similar to those of our own – technology is still an unknown quantity for carers and much more work needs to be done. The final plenary session was also on technology and we heard about a project with over 21,000 users testing apps linked to a war veterans project which helps with mental health support. This morning was another vibrant and informative start with a video address from Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and a piece about their new national disability insurance.
Message from Australia's Prime Minister

Message from Australia’s Prime Minister

Lord Filkin CBE gave a superb address about the work of the centre on aging, and Anil Patel, founder of Carers Worldwide, gave an amazing insight into the needs of carers in low and middle-income countries. His slide showing the vast challenge facing India with a population of more than one billion people and a possible caring population of tens of, if not a hundred, million carers blew me away. The work they are doing is vital and it was truly humbling to listen to. I’m going to have to fill you in on the seminar slots and my starring role a little later as I’ve got to dash to the conference dinner now, but there are some photos on Twitter and Facebook already for those who simply can’t wait! had been trending all day and it was lovely to receive a message from colleagues in Carers Leeds who have been following the feeds. Thanks! Anna