Can you help with OK:Diabetes?

Last changed: Friday 13 June, 2014

OK Diabetes is a research project being done by the University of Leeds. The project hopes to help people with learning disabilities and diabetes stay well.

The research is being done by Dr. Amy M. Russell from the University of Leeds.

Amy would really like to speak to people who have a learning disability and type 2 diabetes who live in Bradford, Leeds or Wakefield and their supporters.

She wants to talk about having diabetes and find out more about what people find easy and difficult about having diabetes. She wants to help the NHS understand what it’s like.

If you take part:

You can choose where to meet

You can bring a supporter

Your travel costs will be paid for if the meeting is not at you at your house.

Your will be helping teach Doctors and Nurses more about what it’s like to have a learning disability and diabetes.

For more information please get in touch with Amy Russell.

You can phone her at the University on 0113 343 0804, or on her mobile phone 07917 214 507 or email

More information is available to download below.

Diabetes InformationDiabetes information v2