Carers' Resource is the local, specialist carers' centre for the
Bradford and Airedale, Harrogate and Ripon, and Craven districts of Yorkshire.

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Did you know

… you can support Carers’ Resource from the comfort of your own computer or phone? If you do your online shopping through easyfundraising or Amazon Smile those services will donate a small amount to the charity of your choice.

easyfundraising is a shopping portal where you can visit over 3700 online stores and have a small donation made to Carers’ Resource when you buy items.

It’s not just the usual online retailers there are also insurance companies and travel companies so you can donate while protecting your car or booking your next holiday.

How to use easyfundraising

Visit our easyfundraising page ( ) and click on ‘Support this cause’.

You can create an account if you don’t already have one or link your Facebook account to log in using that. 1 It is common for websites these days to let you log in using accounts from other online services – especially Facebook, Google and Twitter. This has the convenience and security benefit of not needing to create another password but it may mean you are sharing more of your online data, for example, your shopping habits, with the site you use to log in.
You can see easyfundraising’s privacy policy at .

Once you have logged in you can search the retailers that you can buy from through the site. After selecting a retailer you will then be able to click the ‘Shop now’ link to visit the retailer’s usual online store. 2easyfundraising uses cookies to track your activity on the retailer’s site. This is so the service knows about your purchases in order to make the necessary donation. You need cookies enabled and any ad-blockers turned off for the service to work.
See for more information about the cookies used.

Some retailers will have several different offers with different donation rates. Choose the one you want to use.

easyfundraising – How it works

Donation Reminder

You can also use the ‘Donation Reminder‘. This is a browser extension that allows easyfundraising to interact with your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer) to alert you to new offers and stores.

Mobile app

If you like to do your shopping on your mobile or tablet there are apps available for Apple and Android devices search the stores or see for more details.

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Amazon Smile

If you use Amazon Smile then for any purchases you make through Amazon a small donation will be made to Carers’ Resource. To buy goods through Amazon Smile you need to go to rather than to the usual website. You use your normal Amazon account and it works just like the normal Amazon store.

Support us through Amazon Smile

You have to choose the charity you want to support through Amazon Smile. We are listed under the name ion our original charity registration which is The Carers’ Resource. We’ve long-since dropped the ‘The’ (although some long-serving members of staff forget and use it!)

If you use this link it will put our name to the top of the list of possible choices.

Mobile app

Until recently the website was the only way you could use Amazon Smile. Purchases made through the Amazon mobile app didn’t count.

Android phones can now be set to use Amazon Smile. The iPhone app unfortunately still doesn’t let you. To set up the Android Amazon app to use Amazon Smile follow these instructions.

Amazon, taxation and workplace conditions

When we’ve promoted Amazon Smile in the past some people have commented that we shouldn’t be. Amazon’s record of minimising the amount of tax it pays in the countries it operates in while generating huge profits is well known. So are the concerns and claims about how badly Amazon treats some of its employees, again while generating huge profits.

We are not promoting Amazon. But nor can we take on the role of stopping people using Amazon. Whether you use Amazon or not is up to you. A lot of people do use Amazon and Amazon Smile at least gives them the option to support a good cause while they do so.

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