Sam Dawson – Head of Care Provision

Last changed: Friday 10 January, 2020

Sam Dawson, Head of Care, I joined in 2013 in line with Crossroads Care merging with Carers’ Resource. Prior to joining, I worked in Local Authority statutory services for 16 years, providing management support across a diverse team.

I have experience with performance management, embedding and supporting new ways of working, re-ablement, delayed discharges and working with health and community teams. Skilled in assessments, care support planning, safeguarding, dementia and risk management, team building and budget management.

BA (Hons) Business Management degree, Certificate in Management, Diploma in Management, NVQ 2 and Level 5 Registered Managers Diploma in Health and Social Care.

I am passionate about delivering a high-quality person centred service to each individual, meeting their aspirations and needs and developing the service to be flexible through a highly qualified dedicated team. My aim is to develop a strong brand by ensuring that minimum operational standards are being met, coupled with inspiring best practice, focusing on performance and quality.

I am very proud to lead my team of dedicated compassionate support workers and look forward to the future challenges within the changing environment and needs of our customers.