Inadequate housing impacts on carers’ health – new report

Last changed: Thursday 18 August, 2016

A new report reveals carers’ and their families’ health could be affected by unsuitable housing.

Caring Homes examines the impact of inaccessible housing on carers and their loved ones in the UK.

Carers and families need greater choice and flexibility of housing, report recommends

Carers and families need greater choice and flexibility of housing, says report

It draws together evidence on the impact of housing on health and outlines some of the key housing challenges for carers.

Among its key recommendations, the national report calls for a housing strategy to be developed with the needs of an ageing population at its heart.

It also says:
• The Government should exempt carers who need an extra bedroom to help them carry out their caring responsibilities from the bedroom tax
• Local authorities need to support and setting up a nationwide database of suitable properties
• Carers and their families need greater choice and flexibility of housing
• Planning obligations should be better utilised, to help ensure more accessible and suitable homes are built – and flexible across a family’s life course.

And it recommends that in monitoring the implementation of the Care Act 2014, the government should include an assessment of whether housing needs are being considered as part of carer’s assessments and needs assessments.

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