Carers' Resource is the local, specialist carers' centre for the
Bradford and Airedale, Harrogate and Ripon, and Craven districts of Yorkshire.

Carers' Resource - You care for them, we care for you


Carers’ Resource accepts referrals from social work professionals, health care professionals and anyone that has an awareness of a carer who can benefit from our support. We also encourage carers to self refer.

Referring to our service is easy – please complete this online form or alternatively contact your local Carers’ Resource Office directly. Our professionals leaflet can be downloaded here.

Why refer to the Carers’ Resource?


“We have been really impressed with the service provided by the Carers’ Resource. The patients have been equally pleased. It is a relief to know that we now have someone who can help out with the wide range of issues experienced by carers.”

Social Worker

“The carer support officer is so approachable; she gets very quickly onto the case and does what she says she’s going to do. Carers tend to neglect themselves; by picking up on their problems and stresses, this service keeps them from being ill.”

Practice Manager

“For many carers asking for help is almost an admission of failure, but having an independent carer support worker in our practice sanctions the service and gives them permission to access it. The value of time the support worker is able to devote to each carer is immeasurable.”


“During my mum’s illness, The Carers’ Resource rang regularly to ask how I was. It was so lovely to hear their cheerful voice when I was trying to deal with all the problems. The information they gave me was invaluable.”


“Patients I have referred in the past year have come back looking as if a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders.“