My Baby Girl

Last changed: Thursday 26 November, 2020

This poem accompanies Carol Beardmore’s carer story.

My Baby Girl
I can’t imagine life without you
The laughter and the fun
The shopping trips to Liverpool
Exhausted we’d come home
With shopping bags of shoes and treats
And a gift for Dad, the sourest of sweets.

We’d talk and laugh, recall the times,
Of the things you did in your dancing days
The mischief, heartbreak and the tears you cried
Home sickness strengthened your character in ways,
That prepared you to be who you are today

My baby girl, whose hand I held
Is the strongest, bravest woman I know
And a daughter of whom I’m oh so proud
And I’ll never be ready to let you go

But just to remind me when the tears start to fall,
A bond so strong, our friendship filled hearts,
What we had was amazing and you gave me it all
Just know in my heart we will never be apart

Carol Beardmore 7/7/20