We’re backing a campaign to tackle isolation

Last changed: Tuesday 1 November, 2016

Carers’ Resource is proud to be backing the Harrogate Advertiser’s Ending Loneliness campaign.

The Harrogate weekly paper’s new campaign reflects the work we do right across the board to help ensure carers, their families, and vulnerable people are given the support they need to have a good quality of life.

Quoted in the paper, Director Chris Whiley says: “Isolation is a huge factor as a carer as your life can change dramatically and suddenly.

“You can feel cut off from the rest of the world and, among older carers, who may also have their own health needs; this is a big and growing issue.

“Older carers can find their role extremely difficult – physically and emotionally – and at a time when they had possibly hoped to enjoy their retirement, they find they can be swamped in their caring role and struggling to take part in social activities, or look after their own needs and wellbeing.

“Raising awareness through campaigns like this we hope it will encourage more older people, and older carers and their families, to come forward and get the support they deserve.”

Various organisations and agencies across the district have also given their support. The full story is available on the Harrogate Advertiser website.