Privacy policy and cookie handling updated

Last changed: Monday 2 December, 2019
A picture of two choc-chip cookies

If you’ve visited before and only returned recently you may have noticed that we’ve changed the banner that pops up asking if you want to allow ‘cookies’. We’ve done this to be clearer about exactly what data this website stores on your computer and what that might mean for you.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites use to record information about your visit to the site: have you logged in, what level of access do you have to the site, what items are in your ‘shopping cart’, etc. Some are also used to track your browsing to allow targeted advertising on the internet.

What cookies do we use?

Most of the cookies used by this site are there so the site functions properly: they do not store any personal information. The other cookies that this site uses are ‘third-party’ meaning they are set by other providers. We have taken steps to ensure that these cookies don’t record personal information either, but as they link to services out of our control you might decide not to allow the site to store them anyway.

Further information

For a full explanation and list of all the cookies this site sets and to change whether you block or allow the third-party cookies see our expanded and updated privacy statement.