Tour de France in your area – what to think about if you are a carer

Last changed: Monday 9 June, 2014

The Tour de France is coming to our area in July. It’s going to be a great event but it is important to think ahead to make sure you don’t experience any difficulties due to the number of visitors that are anticipated.

The event happens over the weekend of the 5th and 6th July 2014.

We have been asked to make all carers aware that local roads, shops, petrol stations and facilities are likely to be affected from Thursday 3rd July until Tuesday 8th July, with roads being very busy and some closing altogether; camp sites offering long weekend breaks; shops being inundated by people needing provisions; and all public parking areas being used to capacity.

Some roads around the race area will be closed completely from the Friday evening and so last minute trips to shop for essentials may not be possible.

As a family member or friend caring for someone, you will need to plan in advance and make provision for the weekend of the event.


  • Do you need to make sure you have all prescriptions delivered or collected earlier than usual?
  •  Buy in all the food you require for a long weekend – including extra milk and bread as local shops are likely to struggle to keep up with demand.
  • If you care for someone who does not live with you, find out early if you will be affected by road closures and make plans for other arrangements – e.g. can neighbours help for one day? Can you stay overnight with your relative or friend?  Can they go away for the weekend? If you need help to plan for this, we can give you information and advice.
  • If the person you care for has a care package with paid carers visiting them regularly, alternative arrangements will be made for them if they are affected, but if you are concerned, ask and find out what those arrangements are.
  • Don’t rely on your mobile phone for contacting someone as networks are likely to be jammed due to the number of people using them
  • If the person you care for is offered a hospital appointment over the long weekend period, you might want to consider asking for it to be changed if it’s not urgent.
  • What if something goes wrong over the weekend and you need help for the person you care for?

There will be a helpline number to call in this event which will be made available closer to the time. Keep your eye out in the media and on the North Yorkshire County Council website for more details towards the end of June.

If you have any concerns at all, please contact your local Carers’ Resource