Parliament would Like to hear of carers’ experiences

Last changed: Wednesday 10 August, 2016

We would like to let you know about an opportunity for carers to give their views and experiences to a Parliamentary Committee.

The Joint Committee on the draft Care and Support Bill, chaired by Paul Burstow MP, is conducting pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Bill and has set up a web forum to hear the views of carers.  Please take part in this web forum, and pass this on to any of your colleagues, contacts or friends who may wish to contribute.

The forum can be accessed here:


The Committee would like to hear about your experiences as a carer and what impact you think the Government’s proposed legislation might have on your own situation, either positive or negative. Your comments will help inform the recommendations the Committee makes to the Government in their report.

The Committee would particularly like to hear the views of carers on three key areas:

  • Responsibilities of local authorities
  • Assessing need
  • Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse and neglect