Last changed: Tuesday 6 November, 2018
Is anyone else sat at home right now thinking it’s cold, dark and miserable and all I want is chocolate? Same here. But one quoted in this BBC News article might inspire us to get a bit fitter and meet new people by trying parkrun this Saturday morning. Who’s in? After all, exercise is supposed to make us feel great. Look up what’s on near you: Bradford parkrun, Skipton parkrun, Harrogate parkrun. There’s also a newish parkrun at Cliffe Castle, #Keighley. All the courses are 5k and you can walk, jog or run. Plus it’s FREE! In the BBC article, carer Jonathan Turner, 50, says: “One of the first building blocks of my life back in Leeds was parkrun. I felt a real need… of wanting to connect with somebody. Parkrun gave me a sense of belonging.” Would you come along if you knew Carers’ Resource staff would be there? Let us know the answer and if/how you manage to fit exercise around caring by commenting below. Link: Parkrun: What’s all the fuss about?