Our Neighbours

Last changed: Wednesday 20 March, 2019

Today we’re backing the launch of #OurNeighbours – @WYHpartnership’s social movement that aims to prevent loneliness in West Yorkshire & by encouraging people to do simple things to help their neighbours. Find out more and download a pack by following the link https://buff.ly/2XYHHhR

Our chief executive Chris Whiley has “wholeheartedly” backed the campaign, and said: “We work with many isolated and lonely carers of all ages and circumstances and see first-hand how a lack of contact can affect their confidence and mental health. This wonderful initiative is a timely reminder to make an effort to better get to know our neighbours. A simple smile, a ‘hello’, asking how they are, or something as easy as putting someone’s bins away can transform their day.”

Link: Looking out for our neighbours – Champion togetherness and wellbeing by looking out for your neighbours