Disappointment as free hospital parking for carers bid blocked by Shipley MP

Last changed: Wednesday 10 August, 2016

The blocking of a proposed law to enable carers to park for free at hospitals has been met with disappointment by our new Director.

Conservative Shipley MP Philip Davies spoke about the bill for more than 90 minutes in the House of Commons – resulting in the bill being delayed and not voted upon.

Chris Whiley, new Director at Carers' Resource

Chris Whiley, new Director at Carers’ Resource

Chris Whiley, the new Director of Carers’ Resource, says: “As an organisation which prides itself on 20 years’ dedication to carers, and making sure they are offered all the support and help they need to carry out their sometimes relentless role, we are disappointed the free hospital parking bill has been blocked.

“Daily we hear from carers about the challenges they face when looking after a loved one who is dependent on them, and the availability of hospital parking and the costs involved, are a big issue for many.

“We also act as a voice for carers and believe that any legislation to improve carers’ lives, and lessen the load for them in any way, should be welcomed and applauded.

“It is a huge blow that this bill has now been blocked, and by the MP whose constituency includes our Shipley office, and we are seeking a meeting with Mr Davies to urge him to share his ideas on how carers can be better supported in their difficult role.”