Carers Rights Day 2016

Last changed: Friday 25 November, 2016
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November 25 2016 is Carers Rights Day and this year’s theme is “Missing out? Know your rights as a carer”.

We’ve been running a poster campaign aimed at making people aware that they are a carer in the first place. It’s impossible to assert your rights as a carer if you don’t know you are a carer in the first place and one of the most common experiences carers have is that they aren’t even aware that their caring role means anything – especially if it has crept up on them.

“Carers’ Rights Day helps to raise the profile of carers nationally and locally, as well as giving us the opportunity to promote the fact carers are entitled to support, have rights to access that support, and reminding people that we’re here to help.” – Chris Whiley, Director, Carers’ Resource

But if you’re on this site you probably do know you’re a carer. So what can you do to know about your rights?

Well a good place to start could be our factsheet “Carers Have Rights” which covers all the legislation that covers carers’ rights, including the Care Act 2014 and the Children and Families Act 2014. You can also always contact us for more information.

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