‘Carers are neglecting their own health’ – survey reveals

Last changed: Wednesday 10 August, 2016

One in seven carers in Yorkshire neglects their own health due to their caring responsibilities and constraints, according to a new report.

The survey was carried out by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) and involved more than 6,200 carers in Yorkshire.

It found that less than 40 per cent were extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the support or services they had received from social services in the last 12 months.

The survey also provided insight into the wellbeing of carers in the region, with just 22 per cent saying they were able to spend their time as they wanted, doing things they valued or enjoyed.

As reported in the Yorkshire Post article, thinking about how much time they have to look after themselves, in terms of getting enough sleep or eating well, 26 per cent said that sometimes they couldn’t look after themselves well enough; and 14 per cent said they felt like they were neglecting themselves.

About 15 per cent said they felt they had no encouragement or support, and 11 per cent said they had no control over their daily life.

Only 32 per cent said they always felt involved or consulted in discussions about the support or services provided to the person they care for.

Our Head of Development, Anna Jackson, spoke to the reporter and said: “A lot of carers are neglecting their own health as they are consumed with the health of the person they are caring for – but they need to take care of themselves first.

“If a carer falls ill or goes into hospital, it can be a double whammy, affecting the health of the person they care for.

“Some carers will say they are not at the stage where they need extra support but we’re here as a preventative measure, so when they do need it, we’re here.”