Carer Marlene ‘nails it’ at House of Lords

Last changed: Tuesday 13 September, 2016
Carers Lynn and Marlene our ambassadors at the House of Lords

Bradford carers Marlene Thomas and Lynn Ford were special guests at the House of Lords to help launch a new national guide, Spotlight on a Carer’s Journey.

The guide is part of our ongoing work with the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) exploring the effects of the Care Act, with emphasis on carers’ access to support to boost wellbeing.

The project involved Bradford carers and a Shipley GP being interviewed for a film our staff created, along with carers sharing their stories with NDTi.

Director Chris Whiley and Carolyne Coyle, Communications Officer, also attended the reception hosted by Baroness Judith Jolly, who was instrumental in the development of the Care Act, and Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Health and Social Care.

Speaking to attendees at the event, Marlene, 57, of Menston, who looks after her elderly house-bound mum, says:

Once I found Carers’ Resource, and started to meet other carers at groups like Time for Me and the knitting group, we got time to discuss our feelings and have a break and this made me better and stronger in myself to be a carer.

“I’ve been to sewing groups and pampering sessions and I had my nails done – I hadn’t done my nails for seven years.

“These all helped me to develop my confidence and staff helped me to discover what my own needs were; what to ask for. Just knowing that I had the support of Carers’ Resource I was able to write those letters; fill in those forms and make those phone calls.”

Chris adds:

We know people find it difficult to identify as a carer.

“We must think about the information that helps them think about themselves and not just the needs of the person they’re caring for.

“We’ve really enjoyed being involved with this piece of work, it’s really made us think and learn about what we do”

More details about the project can be read here on the NDTi website.