Online Wellbeing session: Self-care

Last changed: Tuesday 2 February, 2021

Date and Time
Tuesday, 9 February 202110:30 am - 12:30 pm

Do you feel like you never get to talk to anyone? Would you like to meet other carers?

Join our virtual sessions which provide an excellent opportunity to talk with other carers where you can share your experiences and take a break from your caring role.

Having virtual sessions mean you can join us from anywhere as long as you’ve got a phone or computer and a connection to the internet.

Take the time to look after yourself.

Many carers find looking after themselves difficult to do even though they might spend a lot of time looking after other people! There isn’t the time or it isn’t a priority. But if you don’t look after yourself then your health and wellbeing are going to suffer and you might not be able to look after anyone else.

Learn techniques and get tips on how to give yourself the care you need to keep going and feel positive.

This session includes time for breaks.