Carer’s Wellbeing Grant

Last changed: Friday 19 March, 2021

The Carer’s Wellbeing Grant is a fund from Bradford Council for carers to help them with their personal wellbeing.

To have a break from the responsibility of caring is so important to maintaining good mental health so I can continue to look after my daughter.

How do I get a Carer’s Wellbeing Grant?

Carers cannot apply for a grant directly. Instead they will need to have an informal review about their health and wellbeing with a Carers’ Resource member of staff, who will then be able to recommend the carer for a grant.

Contact us to arrange your wellbeing review.

A Carer’s Wellbeing Grant is a one-off payment of up to £150. It is intended to enable carers to promote their own health and wellbeing and to help carers continue caring.

Thank you for the grant.  I spent it on paying for a course of yoga sessions … I am able to leave my husband for an hour … so it gives me a bit of time out an enabled me to do something I enjoy doing.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The carer must be an unpaid carer aged 18 or over. (Carers are considered unpaid even if they are in receipt of Carer’s Allowance or manage Direct Payment/Individual Budget Funds for the person for whom they care). The fund is not for personal assistants or unpaid volunteers.
  • The carer lives in and cares for someone living in the geographical boundaries of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). You can look up your CCG by postcode using this site:
  • A maximum of one grant will be given per cared-for person or household. Recommendation for a grant does not guarantee that you will receive a grant.
A Carer’s Wellbeing Grant might be used for:A Carer’s Wellbeing Grant cannot be used for:
✔ Accessing therapy, pamper or hairdressing treatments✗ General living expenses e.g. rent,  food, drink, utility bills, internet access, clothing
✔ The cost of day trips✗ Driving lessons
✔ Educational Course/materials✗ Debt repayments
✔ Equipment to enhance the wellbeing of the carer✗ Gambling
✔ Fitness✗ Purchase of household items e.g. furniture, large gardening equipment, home improvements.
✔ Hobbies/ Leisure activities
✗ Business costs or purchases
✔ Theatre or sports tickets✗ Any item for the cared-for person including services, aids or adaptations
✗ Items that should be funded by Social Care or Health Services
✗ Trips or breaks that have already been booked
✗ Items that have already been purchased
✗ Overnight stays (other grants available from other organisations may be able to help with holidays – please contact us)
✗ Items to support people back into work
✗ Invasive medical procedures

Tickets to the theatre booked … To have something to look forward to is wonderful. One tends to get stuck … in a drudge, routine, hospital appointments, minor daily ‘battles’ with various authorities because things always need checking/chasing up.

The recommendation process:

  • Recommendations will be processed upon receipt. Carers who received a Carer’s Wellbeing Grant in the last year are unlikely to be considered.
  • Recommendations will be considered by a panel, which will meet once a month.
  • If a grant is awarded, it could take up to 12 weeks to receive payment – please do not telephone the office to check on the progress of your recommendation, as this delays the process further.

As there is limited funding for this grant it may be necessary to delay consideration of the recommendation until more funding is available. Carers’ Resource will contact the carer if the grant has been agreed, to ask the carer to read and accept terms and conditions, and to return payment information. The carer will be asked to give brief details about how the grant has made a difference to their life. In some cases we may ask for receipts as proof that the grant has been spent as intended.