Young carer story – Thea

Last changed: Thursday 26 November, 2020

Young carer story – Thea

Thea is a very intelligent, sensitive and thoughtful young girl who lives
with her mum, dad and younger sister on the outskirts of Keighley. Her
younger sister who is three, has a very rare genetic condition. She is tube
fed and has complex health needs that impact on the family significantly.

Thea’s mum told us: “Thea started Young Carers a few weeks before lockdown. She was so excited to go as she knew it was her time to enjoy other things, away from her sister. For me, looking after a child with special needs is hard, but Thea also needs attention. Having the virtual groups really helped. The activities helped her wellbeing as she felt part of something. She enjoyed meeting at Cliff Castle which gave her the boost that she needed.

“Thea needs to feel a sense of belonging and Young Carers and the staff make her feel good. During the lockdown Thea has experienced some challenges at home but has dealt with them so well considering she’s so young. She wants to learn and share her experiences with people and I think this is acceptance that her sister is different. Since returning to school Thea has become very anxious about a lot of things and is constantly worrying so the little groups as and when can help her.”

Thea said “Young Carers is amazing. I like it because it’s about me. I miss the group as I made new friends. I am so excited that one day we may get the teddy bears picnic. In lockdown Carrie came round and brought me pizza making things I decorated a box and called my pizza shop Pizza Thea. I made silly faces.”