Carers Rights Day 2020

Last changed: Tuesday 15 December, 2020

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It’s national Carers Rights Day!

Instead of the events that we would normally host, this year we’ve decided to showcase some of the many inspiring and moving carer stories that the carers we work with have to tell. Visit our showcase gallery.

These are just the merest handful of the amazing stories that our carers can tell about their lives. If you would like to add your story we will find a permanent place for these and would love to be able to add more over time. We might feature them in Choices as well. Please get in touch with the Engagement Team.

Know your rights

This year’s theme is “know your rights”. In a week in which the results of a survey of carers carried out by Carers Trust has highlighted how many carers feel unsupported by social care services or are struggling financially, it’s more important than ever that if you are a carer you get as much help and support as you are entitled to. Especially if you are struggling.

We at Carers Resource are here to help you get as much support as you can. Please get in touch with us – you could even use our new Freephone Advice Line (see below) But here are some things you can do right now:

  • Check whether you’re receiving the benefits and other allowances that you are entitled to – see our Find Your Way section from last year’s Carers Rights Day or use the Turn2Us benefits check available from Carers UK
  • Get in touch if you need help, advice, information or support.
    Even if you’re not sure there is anything available for you, please check with us.
  • Meet up with other carers.
    Being isolated can be bad for your health and you could also be missing out on the wealth of knowledge other carers have to share.
    We know it’s difficult at the moment but we’re running some virtual groups where you can meet other carers online for a chat.
    Or you could join in a “webinar”. Maybe you’re interested to learn how to create your own website to stake out your own pice of the virtual world?.
    Our events calendar has been a bit empty recently but it’s filling up now.

Two new initiatives from Carers Resource

Today also see’s the launch of two new initiatives from Carers’ resource: our Carer Advice Line (0808 5015 939) and our Carer ID cards.

Carer Advice Line: 0808 50 15 939

We are delighted to announce that our Advice Line is open and ready to take your calls. Whether you need information, advice, support or all three, we are here to take your calls and to help you!  

Call 0808 50 15 939 and you will go straight through to someone who understands about caring responsibilities and someone who can help with your queries.  It’s a freephone number too so no need to worry about the cost!

Carer ID Cards

Our Carer ID cards are available now to carers who have had a Wellbeing Assessment with us.

Use the ID card to prove that you are a carer registered with Carers’ Resource. We have produced a photo ID card that is visible evidence that you are a carer – show your employer, college or local supermarket that you have caring responsibilities.

Contact us to arrange a wellbeing review if you haven’t had one, or haven’t had for a while – call or refer yourself using our online form. Also get in touch if you would like more details about the card or email