Volunteering with Carers’ Resource

Last changed: Thursday 20 January, 2022

Come and join the Carers’ Resource team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers and be a vital part of the excellent support we give to carers and other people who need us.

“Since becoming a volunteer I have been given a new focus to my life and a chance to make a difference. A chance to meet a new circle of friends amongst the staff and ‘clients’. So I feel that I am the fortunate one.”

How do I volunteer?

Have a look at our list of volunteering opportunities. These cover a range of activities, skills, time requirements and locations. If you see one or more that appeal to you, get in touch with us.

Once you start volunteering with Carers’ Resource you will be given a full induction and training. Throughout your time volunteering with us, you will receive full support from the whole team. Volunteering with us is a very positive experience.

If you can’t see something that appeals to you but you are enthusiastic about volunteering for Carers’ Resource or believe you have skills or knowledge that would enhance what we do then please get in touch. We’re keen to expand the range of volunteering opportunities we offer and will do our best to help you help us.

Why volunteer?

As well as being vital to the Carers’ Resource mission to help carers and other people in the community, volunteering has many benefits for the volunteer.

  • By volunteering you meet new people and make new friends, which can improve and develop your social skills.
  • If you’re looking to get into work, or considering a change of career, volunteering offers the perfect way to learn new skills and gain experience. It can also offer the fulfilment of passing on skills, knowledge and experience you already have to others.
  • Volunteering can boost your self-confidence and self-worth.
  • Volunteering can help you stay active in both mind and body.

And most important of all volunteering can be enormous fun.