Carers' Resource is the local, specialist carers' centre for the
Bradford and Airedale, Harrogate and Ripon, and Craven districts of Yorkshire.

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Carer Stories


Here are a few brief examples of personal experiences of carers looking after loved ones that have received support from Carers’ Resource. The identities of individuals below have been changed to remain confidential but these are real quotations and experiences from some of the carers with whom we have been involved.


Bernadette lives near Settle and cares for her mother:


“Although I did not see myself as a carer, the GP thought I needed Carers’ Resource. Otherwise I think I would have ended up in hospital with my depression. My mother was having difficulties, my daughter’s marriage was in trouble and I was trying to hold down a full-time job. I did Caring with Confidence and a course on feeling better about yourself, but probably the turning point was a respite week’s holiday.  Carers’ Resource has helped me to put my broken life back together and reach a better place for my mother, daughter, grandchildren and myself. I received massive support, which was professional and very caring.  I have been helped to look at my life and get my confidence back.”



Cathy, Harrogate, carer for husband aged 65 with Alzheimer’s. She has done courses in photography, computing and self-confidence:


“I would have been very lonely without the help I have received from Carers’ Resource. I have made friends and found companionship on trips and in the Friendship Group. It recharges your batteries. I used to be extremely shy. Chris always looked after me, and I needed to build up my confidence and self-reliance after he became ill. I have done that. Now I find I do want to be on this planet and enjoy life outside caring. I have also learned to care for others. Carers’ Resource is at the end of the phone for me and I am there for others.”



Julie, lives in Nidderdale and cares for a husband on dialysis and for a seriously disabled daughter:


“Carers’ Resource saved my life. Literally saved my life. I was caring for my husband and a daughter with severe learning difficulties, working full time and having a bad time at work. I reached a stage where I wanted to end it all That’s when the GP put me in touch with Carers’ Resource. I had nowhere else to turn. Since then, I have been to  lunches and on trips to places like Chatsworth with fellow carers and am looking forward to a Monday to Friday break away from it all. It’s marvellous to have something to look forward to away from caring. Giving advice, listening, helping you fill out forms – Carers’ Resource staff are there for you. Without them, I would  not be here now. I would be talking to a load of worms.”



Janice suffers from a curvature of the spine and cares for her husband:


“I could not have coped without Carers’ Resource. There is always someone at the end of the phone to listen and make you feel better. I have been on visits to Nunnington Hall and Chatsworth and had a fantastic few days at a smart hotel near Holmfirth. The activities lift you out of your caring role and support your capacity to care. Someone rings me once a month, and I can ring them. I also go out for coffees with a befriender, which gives me a change of scene and lifts my spirits. My husband has MS and had two operations on his back, and I suffer from curvature of the spine. Life’s not easy, but caring would be so much harder without Carers’ Resource. They give you the will and energy to carry on.”



Edward, 83, retired from Craven, wife died after two years with dementia:


“I had a marvellous wife who could do anything until all of a sudden she lost her ability. How did I then cope? It would have been so much harder without Carers’ Resource. They filled a lot of gaps. We went to lunches and drop-ins where I talked to other carers and found it’s true that a problem shared is a problem halved. I got advice about benefits which I wouldn’t have known about. I remember one of the Carers Support Officers once saying, “Oh, they’ve given you the wrong form” and sorting the problems out. The support workers get to understand what is right for you personally and see you get it. They make sure you can carry on so you and the one you love don’t become dependent on the State.”



Janet, 65, a retired ward sister, cared for a husband with Parkinson’s and her elderly mother until their deaths in the past three years:


“The first thing Carers’ Resource did was help me get finance for equipment. Then it was sorting out forms, and they were brilliant. Doors open you wouldn’t know about, so you don’t feel so isolated. You feel you are again a person in your own right and you feel re-energised to carry on.  What would I have done without them, I don’t know. Just plodded on. They relieved some of the stress and gave me the energy and encouragement to keep going. I rang one day when I was overwhelmed and the receptionist virtually downed tools and listened, then within two hours the support worker got back to me. Jean even stayed with me the day my husband died. It was beyond the call of duty. I have told other carers all about them. Where on earth would we be without Carers Resource?”



Valerie, 75, of Craven, cared for her husband with dementia until his death two years ago:


“When Anne found me someone to sit with my husband for two hours every Tuesday, it was wonderful. Then another two hours on Friday. Then a week’s respite to get some sleep. Only a carer can tell you what it’s like to have a break from 24 hours’ caring day and night. I can’t find the words to explain the enjoyment and relief of just a break to go shopping. I do have a word for Carers’ Resource though. The word is lifeline. Why lifeline? Well, it restores your confidence and helps you move on.  When I was muddled up over his allowances, they sorted them out. And when I had two broken shoulders then fell and broke my little finger, Anne took me to hospital. She is there for you and her colleagues are there for you, even today two years after my husband passed away. I can’t speak highly enough of them. What would the country do without carers and what would carers in this area do without Carers’ Resource?”



Denise, 72,  of Skipton, cared for her dying husband and became a volunteer although registered disabled:


“Carers’ Resource helped me with benefits etc for my husband. They were so good to me that after he died five years ago I became a volunteer. Then a major operation left me very low and Jean from Carers’ Resource got me to see my GP. If she hadn’t done so, I don’t know what state I would have been in. She was tremendous. The GP said, “You are not heading for depression, you are there.” I go to the lunches and try to help other carers offload their worries to someone who has been there and knows what it’s like. What we would do without Carers’ Resource, I hate to think. I was so relieved they kept in touch after my husband died. They don’t drop people.”