About Carers’ Resource

Last changed: Tuesday 28 June, 2022
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Carers’ Resource exists to support unpaid carers. We provide information, advice and support to carers, to the people they care for and to professionals who work with them. Carers’ Resource is an independent, award-winning Yorkshire charity which is open to everyone and offers emotional and practical help to enable them to cope.

A carer is anyone who looks after – unpaid – a family member, friend or neighbour who, due to disability, physical or mental health condition, illness, frailty, or addiction, cannot cope without their support.

As the charity has grown and developed, we have taken on other roles, too. For example, we help people after they return home from hospital, and provide assistance in people’s own homes through our dedicated Care@ service.

As a charity we are managed by a Board of Trustees that oversees the direction of the charity.

Our Mission

We specialise in helping carers and vulnerable people.

We believe carers and vulnerable people alike need care themselves.

We exist to work with and for carers and vulnerable people by:

  • promoting awareness of their needs
  • providing information, advice and support to them and to those who work with them
  • supporting other organisations, statutory and independent in their work with them

We are committed to

  • delivering and improving services for carers and vulnerable people, providing information, advice, representation and advocacy as well as other services appropriate to their needs.
  • working in partnership with commissioners, service providers, carers and vulnerable people to bring about improvements.
  • maintaining and developing a sound and effective organisation.

To download our Welcome leaflet which has details of our services, click here: Carers’ Resource Welcome Leaflet

To download our Care@ Carers’ Resource leaflet click here: Care@ Carers’ Resource Leaflet

To download our Young Carers leaflet click here: Young Carers Leaflet